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Why Evaluate? Performance evaluations are one of the most important communication tools...

    September 16, 2011

    Performance evaluations are one of the most important communication tools an organization can use. They need not be complicated; they just need to be done.  Performance evaluations benefit both employee and employer.  It is a time to provide feedback, recognize quality performance and set expectations for future job performance.  It is also a time to have candid conversations about performance that is lacking and how performance can be improved.  Ongoing performance discussions can assist in avoiding serious problems in the future.  

    A few basic tips make evaluations successful.  Conduct evaluations on all employees on a regular schedule, at least annually, so employees know it is a regular part of their employment.  Prepare in advance looking back at the employees’ performance over the entire review period so you can discuss their performance in a meaningful way.   Give employee notice so they can also be prepared to discuss issues or concerns.  Share the floor by allowing the employee equal time to talk.  Don’t dread the process, enjoy the opportunity to talk with your employees about how both they and your organization can be successful. 

    Submitted by Peggy Laurenz, SPHRCentral SD SHRM